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We Move

Custom bale mover truck.
Moving stacked bales.
Moving stacked bales from field to yard.
Moving round bales stacked.
32 round bale moving trucks.
Moving bales.
4 hay mover trucks ot the road.
Weighing a load of bales.
Unloading a load of bales.
Loading round bales in the field.
Moving bales in the winter.

Bakko Transfer moves stacked bales from field to yard with custom designed hay mover trucks.  The hay mover trucks can self-load and self-unload up to 38 big round bales per load.  The weight of your bales determines the size of our loads.  If needed, we have the equipment and manpower to stack the bales as well.  No move is too short or too long, we’ll do them all.  Need a quote?

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