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We Buy and Sell

Kort Transfer buys and sells alfalfa, grass hay, cornstalks, cane, soybean stubble and other forage crops suitable for feed or bedding in the livestock industry.  We service the Central Plains and Sandhills regions of Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota.  We buy and sell the highest quality products available.

High quality grass hay.

If you have grass hay, alfalfa, cornstalk, cane or soybean stubble bales for sale, give us a call.   Our prices are competitive, and we can do the moving and hauling as well.

Round bales.

Looking for a good source of forage crops for your livestock?   Whether it’s a one-time event or reoccurring, we want to earn your business.

Soybean stubble round bales.
High quality sugar cane bales.
Grasss hay bales.
 Buy/sell grass hay.
Round bale stack.
Corn stalk bales.
Fresh ground alfalfa.
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